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The general idea of started when we noticed how long it could take to make a decent plan for a travel. In this era, not many people have enough time for it.

Our Story

When I visited Rome for the first time, I wish I had the time to plan my trip ahead to get the most out of my limited vacation days. Unfortunately, as a working individual, I was busy until the day of the flight. Rome was just amazing! But I realized I had missed many interesting places only after I returned back home. We made so that won’t happen to you next time you want to make a travel plan.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple. We are aiming to create a travel plan for you better than any expert does.

Our Promise

A great app comes with great responsibility. We work hard so you can enjoy more of your vacation. Take less time for planning and more time to discover new things.

Take it with you

The best plan is the plan you can access everywhere

Save time

With the help of artificial intelligence


An itinerary tailor made for you, unique, as you are


With a fast and reliable mobile application


Share your itinerary with others to view or edit

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#iplanai is the only app you will need to plan your trip. Install the application today and enjoy your trip